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For many years I dreaded taking on the kitchen renovation we so badly needed. I was paralyzed by the sheer number of decisions to be made and I had no idea how to get started in any direction. Then I found Vered. She was just what I needed. She completely understood where I was at.

She brought me ideas and helped me visualize them using a variety of tools (large color and material swatches, superimpositions, 3D modeling), but she wisely brought me a tractable number of ideas so I never felt overwhelmed. This allowed me to remain engaged and excited about the whole project. With each idea we discussed, she listened attentively to my reactions, until we together discovered the look I wanted: white cabinets, dark grey quartz counters, warm wood floors – and tons of light! Once that was decided, she brought me her suggestions for a few white paints, a few dark quartz countertops, and a few backsplashes. When I got stuck, she made great suggestions that guided me along.

Of course, it helped enormously that she has excellent taste and exquisite design sense. She helped me avoid mistakes by explaining to me why she felt one or another choice might not work the way I wanted it to – and her reasoning was always sound.

She worked very well within my budget and never once pushed me to something I wasn’t keen on. She was also extremely flexible, ready to revisit any decision until we were both comfortable that it was the best decision.

Finally, and this was very important to me, she is simply a pleasure to be with. She’s extremely intelligent and kind, insightful, and cares enormously about doing a great job and making sure her clients are happy and at home with their renovations. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Deborah Zaitchik Boston
Customer Testimonails

Vered Rosen transformed our master bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. They were very dated with a bad layout, so they needed a complete re-design. Every time I walk into these parts of our home I can't believe how perfect and beautiful they are. Vered is a great person to work with and extremely talented and creative. Vered had great ideas on how this space should look.

Being a strong minded woman, I tried to input my ideas, but thank god I always got back to Vered's original design.

Do yourself a favor and go with her ideas! The rooms came out better than I could have ever imagined. It was so much fun working with Vered and I’m definitely hiring her again.

Gal Ish-lev Boston
Customer Testimonails

Hiring Vered was possibly the smartest decorating decision I've made in the 13 years I've owned my home.

Originally, I reached out to Vered for a color consultation but it became quickly apparent that Vered's expertise is wide ranging. In addition to choosing colors for the house, she has worked with me on our dining room, living room, children's bedrooms and our bedroom. The results have been truly amazing and I receive the most extravagant compliments from visitors. But the best is yet to come.

Vered is a wonderful person and a delight to work with. I was not interested in working with a designer who had too many 'airs and graces' and Vered is warm and genuine.

Working with her has been an absolute delight and I have found her professional charges to be great value for her dedication to each project and the delightful results. We have a happy, beautiful and organized home thanks to Vered. Don't hesitate to reach out to her.

anchoragetwins Boston
Customer Testimonails

Vered Rosen was initially hired, on a very short notice, to help us with choosing bathroom tiles. At the end, she helped us so much more!

Vered made renovation, that seemed to us overwhelming, quite enjoyable experience. She gave us great ideas and inputs regarding colors in the house, light, furniture, doors and most of all our main bathroom.

Vered is very responsive, she understood our style and what we wanted and we were quite impressed with how she was able to work with our tight time table despite her very busy schedule.

The outcome is quite amazing and we are enjoying our new house immensely. We are very grateful to have found Vered Rosen because she is very talented, professional, enthusiastic and organized and for all these reasons we would highly recommend her!

lijepakuca Boston
Customer Testimonails

Vered Rosen is a terrific interior designer! I recommend her to anyone who is thinking about a redesign project, big or small.

Vered is wonderful to work with, very in tune with her client's tastes and preferences. At the same time, her design insights and know-how are invaluable.

She is helpful in so many ways - knows who to contact for construction jobs, where to go to find tile, granite, paint, furniture. Gets back to you immediately via email, text or phone.

Vered recently helped me turn my drab kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams. Her keen aesthetic sensibility helped guide me through the entire process. In short, Vered knows what works! There is no way I could have gotten this kind of outcome without her!

I walk into the kitchen and feel elated. I now have plans to do other rooms in our house, and I'll hire Vered to help me with each one of them! She is a rare find - a lovely person to work with who has a true gift for interior design. I recommend her highly.

mbernstein Boston
Customer Testimonails

Our basic project consisted of a re-do for our living room which is open to the family and dining rooms. So there had to be coordination with what was already there with new furnishings. We removed wall to wall carpeting and replaced it with hardwood floors throughout. And we live in a log home so there were some challenges to make this all come together.

Vered was so great to work with. Never did I feel that she was imposing her vision on our home. She knew I had my own ideas and she respected that. She was always constructive in her comments and also very instructive.

I learned a lot about color and scale from her, so I felt confident in going out on my own to purchase a few items for her later review.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We love the way the project turned out.

hansoncj Boston
Customer Testimonails

I “won” an interior design consultation with Vered Rosen at our school auction. I wanted her to help me pick out paint colors and discuss other design ideas I had but wasn’t sure about. My house is a cheerful and colorful space, inhabiting lots of unique pieces I’ve lovingly picked out over the years.

Vered helped me realize I needed to edit and move things around a bit. In two hours my living room felt completely different: still cozy and whimsical, but not cluttered.

I loved how Vered respected my style and at the same time “diagnosed” what was not working well and suggested how we could fix it. Vered also helped me pick out paint for my hallway. Vered understands how color works. She helped me pick out the right color. It looks great with the rooms around it, and feels just right.

obbsidian Boston
Customer Testimonails

I called Vered in for wall color consultation for my dining room and kitchen and for some kitchen backsplash ideas. I had felt unable to foreclose on color decisions and felt like I needed professional help to move the projects along.

Vered and I connected immediately during our initial phone conversation and I knew she was someone I could easily work with. She made a terrific partner, had great energy and enthusiasm for my project as if it were for her own home, worked on my timeline, and set me in the right direction for what I wanted to accomplish.

I appreciated that she was respectful of my ideas, but also was able to, in a very lovely way, prevent me from making a design mistake on my backsplash. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Vered.

babramowitz Boston
Customer Testimonails

I found Vered on Houzz and it was the best thing that happened to me after making the decision to purchase the pre-development.

We received so many complements during our open houses and sold way above asking.

Vered has been a true friend to us and if you are looking for a designer who will listen to you and care for you, please reach out to Vered.

Jekkie Kim Boston