Japanese-Scandinavian bathroom

Jamaica Plain

My clients, a Finnish family who had recently purchased a three-bedroom condo in Jamaica Plain, wanted a master bathroom suffused in sunlight. This posed a significant design challenge: The tiny bathroom had no windows. My client showed me the inspiration for her “dream bathroom:” pictures of spacious Japanese-style bathrooms with enormous windows and an indoor-outdoor feel. She was very focused upon lighting.
I knew that, somehow, we would need to channel sunlight from the bedroom to create the Japanese-meets-Scandinavian-style bathroom the couple was hoping for. But first, I needed to allocate sufficient square footage to the other items on their wish list: A free-standing soaking tub, a roomy shower stall, and a sleek double vanity.

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After absorbing two closets and widening the opening between the bedroom and the bathroom, we installed four sliding metal and frosted-glass door panels, which allow for light to pass into and bathe the now airy, spa-like, retreat. It gives the feeling of floating in a cloud or a cocoon and, even though there are no windows, there is nothing that feels compromised. My clients say that this is, by far, the most beautiful bathroom they have ever had