Chatham Kitchen

Chatham Kitchen

Newton, MA

Even though my client knew that her dream kitchen was white and bright, she just couldn’t bring herself to paint or replace her current cherry cabinets, which were in good condition. However, once we realized that tiles were not an option for the floor (because of structural issues), and agreed that the combination of hardwood flooring and wood cabinets would be too dark and lack contrast, we were able to justify painting the cabinets white, which is what she had really wanted all along. My client ended up with the kitchen of her dreams – light, bright, warm and cheerful. Or in her own words: “I walk into my kitchen and feel elated”.

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Prior to this remodeling project, and during the 15 years my clients owned their home, they never realized that the kitchen floor was sloped with a difference of 2.5” in elevation between one side and the other. Leveling the cabinets would have created a visual incongruence as the ceiling, too, was also sloped. Thankfully, the slope turned out to be linear, which our experienced fabricator could deal with.

Design materials - for the countertop, we chose honed Jet Mist. This particular granite resembles the look of soapstone, but without the maintenance requirements and problems of chipping common to soapstone. We loved the gray tones and soft, dune-like movement of the Jet Mist. Like every honed dark granite, it shows water and oil marks, which is important to be aware of before selecting a countertop. However, the subtle light gray-dot pattern of Jet Mist granite makes water and oil marks less visible.

Choosing the backsplash tile was quite the adventure! A fan of blues and greens, my client wanted a “splash of color in her kitchen,” and we agreed to stay away from anything overly trendy or bold. In the end we chose a bluish-green glass subway-tile. Glass is a natural material with a timeless and classic edge, especially in the classic 3”x6” subway tile shape. From this project, I learned to always inspect glass tile in the space it will be installed, oriented in the same direction it will be installed. Otherwise, it may appear quite different than expected, due to the lighting. After installation, both my client and I felt that the backsplash tile appeared “too green” and dark relative to what we had expected. The solution? To use under-cabinet lighting with a cool light spectrum bulb, so when the light hit the glass tile, they appeared bluer and distinctly lighter. The result was exactly what my client had been hoping for. Lighting design can have a profound impact on any interior design project, as it definitely had on this kitchen remodel project!