Vered Rosen, Interior Designer
Newton, MA

Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design  Remodeling and Home Design


Working with Vered

Vered’s style mixes the clean lines of contemporary and modern design elements with the softness of organic shapes and materials. A touch or more of color and pattern is introduced in doses that reflect her client’s comfort zone. Vered pays special attention to lighting, which is often overlooked. Her belief is that lighting can make or break a design and completely change how a room “feels”.

Vered brings a down-to-earth approach to design, often coming up with innovative solutions to design dilemmas that often come up during the planning phase or construction phase of a project. Vered makes sure projects stay within budget and timelines. Her personal connections with highly professional and trustworthy contractors and subcontractors are an added bonus to those who choose to work with her.

Vered has a personal, coach-style way of working with clients. She engages her clients in the exciting and creative fun of the design process, helping them articulate their own ideas, and basically figuring out what their personal style is. Vered’s direct and honest communication style often steer her clients away from costly mistakes and lead them to make better decisions. It’s never about her personal style, but rather the best version of her clients style.